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Official Portal of Centre of Alumni Advancement & Relations (CARE) | Client Charter and FAQ
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Client Charter and FAQ



  • Ensuring that all counter service for all affairs are entertained within five minutes
  • Carrying out an alumni sharing programme for final semester students every year before graduation
  • Ensuring alumni complaints are given feedback within three working days
  • Alumni recognition letter is issued within five working days from date received




Question: What is Alumni Endowment Fund?

Answer: Endowment or ‘al-waqaf’ is a financial asset which is contributed to non-profit-based institution, whether in the form of investment fund or advance property, in which the terms of use is set by the contributor. The fund was established as a medium for UTHM Alumni to show support to the University. The fund is managed by Board of Trustees which comprises of representatives from the administration of UTHM. Your contribution will portray your pride, commitment and the spirit of togetherness in regards to the University.


Question: What is the benefit given to the contributors of Alumni Endowment Fund?

Answer: The benefit of contributing is the contributors are exempted from income tax according to Section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967, Government Letter No. 764 dated 30th of January 1997. The tax exemption is subject to the exemption limit set by the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN).


Question: As an alumni, how can I contribute to the University?

Answer: You can help by taking part in various activities held by the University or by contributing ideas or programmes directed to enhance the learning experience of students. Other contribution includes funding, sponsorships, expertise and volunteer service. Any form of contributions are also welcome.


Question: What is the condition for a graduate to become a UTHM Alumnus?

Answer: UTHM Alumni are students who successfully finish their studies and are approved by the University Senates.


Question: I am still a student at the University, can I take part in alumni activities?

Answer: Yes, of course. We believe that the relationship between alumni and students starts as soon as the students enrol at the University as you will become an Alumnus yourself when you finish your study. Alumni are also committed in providing trainings especially in soft skills and career development programmes to increase the chance in job markets after graduation. We hope this will foster the sense of pride of your alma mater and later, you might want to contribute towards the excellence of the University.