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Official Portal of Centre of Alumni Advancement & Relations (CARE) | Career Advisors
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Career Advisors

Faculty Of Civil And Environmental Engineering

Prof. Madya Dr. Aeslina bte. Abdul Kadir

Faculty Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Dr. Maisara binti Othman

Faculty Of Mechanical And Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Mohd Zamani bin Ngali

Faculty Of Technology Management And Business

Dr Md Asrul Nasid Bin Masrom

Faculty Of Technical And Vocational Education

Dr. Jamil bin Abd Baser

Faculty Of Computer Science And Information Technology

Dr. Mohamad Aizi bin Salamat

Faculty Of Science, Technology And Human Development

Dr. Mohd Asrul Affendi bin Abdullah

Faculty of Technical Engineering

Prof. Madya Dr. Jumadi bin Abdul Sukor

Diploma Studies Center

Pn Mariam binti Abdul Hamid

Continuing Education Center

Dr. Nurazuwa binti Md Noor