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Pusat Kemajuan Dan Hubungan Alumni | Alumni International
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Alumni International

Alumni UTHM also keep on track our graduate from international country to develop a strong Alumni network with great way to stay in touch and provide valuable opportunities between alumni and universities.

Considering further study at UTHM?


Applications For Undergraduates and Graduate Programmes must be done Online

For Undergraduate Programmes (Click Here

For Graduate Programmes (Click Here


Please ensure that you 

  1. Attach all the necessary information and documents are provided
  2. Supply accurate and valid email address to receive any message(s) regarding your admission status.
  3. Supply correct full names, accurate home address and functioning phone numbers during your online application in case of any calling or posting of documents (if required).
  4. Print any information/update you may found in your mail regarding your admission status in UTHM, especially the Letter of Offer for Admission (LOFA).